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Daystar Filters

LASER CATS (Blueyier) style FUNNER Eclipse Solar Glasses - 5 pack

LASER CATS (Blueyier) style FUNNER Eclipse Solar Glasses - 5 pack

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Put more party in your star party with LASER CATS (Blueyier) style FUNNER Eclipse Solar Glasses (5-pack)! Daystar FUNNER eclipse glasses add extra fun to your eclipse viewing party experience with a unique novelty design and the same level of superior protection. LASER CATS (Blueyier) style FUNNER Eclipse Solar Glasses (5-pack) feature original artwork unique to Daystar Filters. Daystar Filters solar eclipse glasses offer an affordable solution for direct solar observation. Our glasses are manufactured in the USA and conform to the Transmission Requirements of ISO 12312-2, Filters for Direct Observation of the Sun. These are great for viewing eclipses, or for looking at the sun anytime. Daystar Filters solar eclipse glasses are made with certified safe Thousand Oaks film. These lightweight glasses are designed to protect your eyes without sacrificing any clarity. Our glasses allow you to safely view the sun, which appears with a crisp, clear, beautiful orange tint. You will also be able to see large sunspots when they appear on the sun. Daystar solar eclipse glasses protect your eyes from 100% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, and 99.999% of visible light. ISO certified for direct viewing of the sun.

Daystar Filters is a world leader in solar filter manufacturing for 50 years! Enjoy superior solar viewing protection with peace of mind. Our company has been showing you the world of astronomy since 1973, with amazing photography, outreach and experiences all around the globe.

Solar eclipse glasses ship in a custom rigid Stayflat mailer for safe transport during shipping. Please use under adult supervision. Instructions for proper use are on the rear of the glasses.

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