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Daystar Filters

Solar System Filter Wheel (choose filters)

Solar System Filter Wheel (choose filters)

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Accept no compromises. Switch from Hydrogen Alpha to Sodium to Helium to Calcium and back again, effortlessly and accurately, using just one telescope. The Daystar Filters "Solar System" filter wheel allows you to view the Sun through up to four different filters with just the touch of a button. Each filter still has full +/- 1Å wing shift tuning capability, and the renowned Quantum precision control.

Select included filters to configure your Daystar Solar System Filter Wheel. Any of the Daystar wavelengths, bandpasses, or quality combinations can be used. We can even load custom wavelengths for research applications. Call or email us to discuss your needs.

The Solar System filter wheel is great for outreach and education, as the behaviors of different elements and features on the Sun can be quickly compared. The savings of not having to purchase a second or third solar telescope, and the quicker set up and take down times add up to big advantages.

Already have a Daystar filter? We can move your existing Quantum, ATM, or University filter(s) into the new housing. T-Scanner or SolaREDi owners can make use of the Daystar trade-up policy to lower the cost of entry.

Budget tight? Start with just two positions filled, then return it to the factory to add more filter positions at any time.

Note: additional cost for pupil plane applications.

Delivery time: current wait 6 months.

Dimensions: 7" x 7.75" x 2.3" (178 x 197 x 58mm)
Weight: 5 lb 2 oz (2.3 kg) when fully loaded
Mounting: Accepts standard Quantum plates, providing mounting to T-thread, SCT thread, or 2" drawtube, for use with eyepieces or cameras
Power: 10 to 30VDC, 2.5 amps. International AC adapter included with choice of US, UK, European, or Australian power cords
Positions: Minimum two, maximum four
Filter Change Time: Less than three seconds
Telescope Compatibility: Refractor, SCT, Maksutov (if sufficient focus travel). Any aperture: 60mm, 90mm, 155mm, or more! Apochromatic refractor recommended for best results, achromats may require slight focus adjustment when changing positions
Focal Ratio: Best performance at F/30. Recommended range: F/27-F/35
Remote Control: RS-232 serial port required. Quantum Control software for Windows, or communication protocol available for programmers to utilize on other operating systems.

SKU: FW-Configurable
Housing: Filter Wheel (Microprocessor controlled, works at all outside temps, requires power)
Uniformity: N/A
Price: $8,538.00

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