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Universal Lens Filter - 90mm aperture BINOCULAR SET of TWO (2 each)

Universal Lens Filter - 90mm aperture BINOCULAR SET of TWO (2 each)

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Universal Lens Filter – 90mm Aperture – Binocular Pack.

Safe Foldable Solar Lens Filter for Cameras. Use to safely photograph partial solar eclipses, total solar eclipses, or to view or photograph the sun anytime!

Our Universal Lens Filter 90mm Binocular Pack offers an affordable solution for viewing or imaging the sun safely. These Universal Lens Filters fold up into cup to cover front of camera lenses and scopes of the size 85-109mm in diameter. Each item has as a 90mm clear opening and allows you to safely view and/or image the sun, which appears with a crisp, clear, beautiful orange tint. You will also be able to see large sunspots when they appear on the sun. Made with AAS "Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters" Thousand Oaks Film. Film is ND 5 (99.999% rejection) and meets the transmission and quality requirements of ISO 12312-2:2015 filters for direct observation of the Sun.

Daystar Filters is a world leader in solar filter manufacturing for 50 years! Enjoy superior solar viewing protection with peace of mind. Our company has been showing you the world of astronomy since 1973, with amazing photography, outreach, and experiences all around the globe. See Daystar Filters listed at:


  • Universal Lens Filter for 90mm aperture lens, camera, scope (pack of two)
  • View and photograph safely! Transmission: 1/1000 OF 1%
  • Uses ISO: 12312-2 approved SOLARLITE Film (100% safe for direct solar viewing)
  • Use over any camera lens
  • Safe on spotting scopes
  • Works on telescopes
  • Affordably priced
  • Safe DIY solar filter
  • Spring-folded shape holds on
  • Constructed of double layer heavy card stock
  • Inside/back of filter is black to reduce unwanted internal reflections
  • For lenses, binoculars and telescopes of 90mm aperture
  • Fits over outside diameters of 85-109 millimeters

Universal Lens Filter 90mm Binocular Pack ships unfolded in a rigid Stayflat mailer for safe transport during shipping.

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