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Daystar Filters

Universal Solar Finder

Universal Solar Finder

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The Universal Solar Finder is a quick and easy way to help with pointing your solar telescope at the Sun. Includes both a small finder dovetail base and a bungee cord to wrap around telescopes without a finder base.

This is not a solar filter. Do not look directly into or near the sun. Do not try to view through the aperture hole. Looking directly at the sun can/will result in eye damage. Use only with a solar filter that goes over the front of your telescope or a dedicated solar filter such as the DayStar Quark.

The hole in the front casts a dot onto the white target. Adjust the angle of your telescope until the dot is centered on the cross hairs. When viewing the rear of the target, take care not to look into the Sun. You may find it easier to view the Sun side of the target through the side cutouts.

There are a wide variety of finder dovetail sizes on the market. This finder was designed to fit in as many as possible but fit is not guaranteed in all telescopes. In some cases, the telescope manufacturer supplied thumbscrew may not reach far enough to secure the finder. In this case a longer thumbscrew may be available at a local hardware store to enable usage.

Dovetail shape: 60° trapezoidal dovetail with 1.21” (30.75mm) virtual width.
Base radius: 0.886” (22.5mm) for 45mm or larger outside diameter tubes.
Mounting hole pattern: Two 0.125” (3mm) holes spaced 0.48” (12.2mm) apart, for 4-40 or M3 screws.
Dimensions: 1.13” (28.7mm) wide, 1.36” (34.4mm) tall, 1.77” (45.0mm) long
Includes: Finder, dovetail base, two 4-40 FHCS screws, bungee, bungee clamp.
Warranty: 5 years
Country of Origin: Made in USA

(Telescope not included)

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