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White Light FILM Solar Filter

White Light FILM Solar Filter

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Our middle grade of solar filter for telescopes, cameras, and binoculars combines the durability of a metal ring with the affordability of a Thousand Oaks brand Solarlite film solar filter.  This allows viewing or imaging the Sun safely and will appear as a warm yellow-orange color.  Film is ND 5 (99.999% rejection) and meets the transmission and quality requirements of ISO 12312-2:2015 filters for direct observation of the Sun.

The Solarlite film is billowy and image quality is not affected by ripples or creases in the film.  Small scratches or pinholes are safe due to the black polymer base under a metallic coating, but care must be taken to prevent damage that could tear or puncture the film.

Three glass filled Nylon thumbscrews securely attach the filter to your instrument without marring paint finish, and are much stronger than standard plastic thumbscrews.

For more affordability step down to our Universal Lens Filters available in 50, 70, and 90mm apertures.

Filters are sold by their inside diameter. Measure the front outside diameter of your telescope dew shield or lens, and then purchase the next largest size. For example, if the front of your instrument is 121mm across, purchase a 130mm model. Do not confuse the aperture of your instrument with its outer diameter!

Very large sizes (324mm and up) are off axis reduced aperture filters intended for SCTs.


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